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Private lesson

with Evelin

Since my first youth courses, I have been an enthusiastic member of the Tanzwelt Wankmüller team.
I can pass on my joy and experience in both the classic couples courses and the solo courses Linedance and MOVITA. In individual one-on-one coaching, I help you to refresh your dance knowledge, try out new things or perfect your upcoming wedding dance. Because as the saying goes, "There are no mistakes in dancing, only variations." I look forward to seeing you!

VTÖ dance master, Movita instructor


with irises

"Dancing is joy come to life"

This joy of dancing has accompanied me for over 30 years. I dance with fun and enthusiasm and with empathy and joy I give

Dance steps and movements.

See you soon at our dance or yoga time together

VTÖ dance master, line dance teacher, yoga teacher (YTT200)


with Franky

“You just take a dance class.” That was my “reason” for going to dance school with school friends. It quickly became clear that the whole thing was really fun. One dance class followed another. Balls and dance events enriched my free time. Then I also had the opportunity to turn my hobby into a career. After completing my training as a “certified dance master” and a few years of practice, I joined the Tanzwelt Wankmüller team in 2012.

Today I am looking forward to guiding you through your dance lesson soon!

VTÖ Dance Master

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